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Waiting for Peace
and Justice

Den Haag, the famous city of Peace and Justice
is filled with places hidden under various obscure
acronyms: ICC, STL, OIAC.
As an interdisciplinary and intercultural team of
three master students from Germany, France and
Lebanon - ironically referred to as Sssuperteam -
we’ve dedicated ourselves to the ICTY (because
we were told to do so), the International Criminal
Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
Though we visited the site more then once, trying
to think of a project, it was impossible for the
three of us to create a connection of any sort to the
brief or to the building. The ICTY is as far from us
as it is from the conflict it deals with.
As an attempt to pass this trimester, we decided
to use this lack of context as a creative drive that
would make us establish a relationship with the
Absurdity became the main inspiration for us.
Pioneering in a place in which we were not
welcomed, we have started building our own context.

The project was done in collaboration with Rawad Baaklini and Héloïse Charital

Growing peace: The impossible symbolic attempt of planting an olive tree in front of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The action was eventually terminated by two security guards.

Lunch break: The peaceful gesture of eating together, which drew attention to several UN staff. Due to an alleged violation of UN territory, we were forced to move some 20cm to the right.